Paying It Forward to Outreach Kentucky

Published on November 10th, 2016

Faith Lutheran Church in DeMotte, Indiana, likes to practice what they preach. So when the congregation received a grant from LCMS to help them purchase land, they knew they were going to tithe back to the district out of thankfulness for God’s blessing—and they earmarked the funds for Outreach Kentucky.

“It’s pretty customary for our congregation to give back a portion of what God gives to us,” says Rev. Jared Raebel, pastor. “We chose Outreach Kentucky because Geoff Robinson did such a good job explaining the need for this mission.” That need is great. Even though Richmond, Kentucky, is experiencing steady population growth, church attendance is anything but growing, with a full 61% of the region reporting no church affiliation of any kind.

That’s one of the reasons giving to Outreach Kentucky was an easy choice for Faith Lutheran. “Through Outreach Kentucky, the district has established a structured way to establish a Lutheran presence in this part of the country,” says Rev. Raebel. “If that’s on the heart of the district, then that’s where our heart is, too.”

To learn more about how your church or school can contribute to Outreach Kentucky, contact Rev. Geoff Robinson at the Indiana District office. Or visit, where you can watch the Outreach Kentucky video, download a brochure, or even make an online contribution.