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Pastor Information Updates / Changes

We want to hear from you when you have important changes in your life. Please let us know when you change positions, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, when there are additions to the family or you have additional educational information to add to your file. It is good to review this information periodically – at least every 3-5 years.

Please email the President’s Office at presidentsoffice@in.lcms.org to obtain a pdf of your Pastor’s Information Form so you can make those corrections and additions. We will also send you information on updating your SET.


PALS Program

For recent graduates from the seminaries, you may want to consider taking advantage of the PALS program.

PALS (Post-Seminary Applied Learning and Support) is a collaborative effort of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and our districts. PALS is intended to help pastors and their wives transition from seminary to congregation.

PALS regularly brings together groups of recent graduates of our seminaries throughout the first three years of their ministries. In these meetings, the new pastors worship, study and discuss new ministry experiences in the company of an experienced pastor.

For more information on PALS, learn more here.

Read the latest edition of the PALS newsletter here.




Doxology offers an innovative program of advanced study retreats to strengthen pastors for the task of faithfully shepherding the souls entrusted to their care.

The primary purpose of Doxology is to provide training, mentoring and consultation services for pastors seeking to enhance their ability to help people struggling with the ever-increasing personal, family and social complexities of contemporary life.

Doxology strengthens pastors so they can more faithfully pastor others.

For more information about Doxology, as well as a variety of resources for Pastors, visit the Doxology website here.