Pastoral Call Process

Published on July 13th, 2015

Lord, you know everyone’s heart.  Show us which of these…men you have chosen… Acts. 1:24

Calling a Pastor in a time of pastoral vacancy is an involved process, following these basic steps.

  • Contact your Circuit Visitor.
  • Conduct a congregational self-study.  The self-study is available from the District Office.
  • Arrange a pre-call meeting with the District President and the Circuit Counselor.
  • Receive names of potential pastoral candidates from congregational members.
  • Submit pastoral candidate names to the District President.
  • Receive call list from the District President through the Circuit Counselor.
  • Conduct call meeting with the assistance of the Circuit Counselor.
  • Complete call documents.  Call documents are available on-line or by calling the District Office.
  • Study Scripture and pray through the call process, placing all confidence in the Holy Spirit.