Outreach Kentucky

Updated on March 18, 2021

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Our Indiana District is attempting to start a new mission outreach in Richmond, Kentucky. The Board of Directors of the Indiana District has boldly stated that they will call a missionary to Richmond, Kentucky, if funding for this missionary is procured. Why Richmond? Consider these statistics:

  • Size. Richmond is the third largest city in the bluegrass region of Kentucky, following Louisville and Lexington. Richmond is the seventh largest city in the whole state of Kentucky.
  • Growth. Richmond has been growing steadily in population since 2000.
  • Un-churched People. Approximately 61% of the population in Madison County, home to Richmond, reports as un-claimed religious status. That means that they claim no affiliation with any religion of any type.
  • Campus Ministry Potential. Richmond, Kentucky, is home to Eastern Kentucky University, with an enrollment in 2022 of almost 14,500 students. So not only is Richmond a good possibility for a new mission start, but it also has the added benefit of a potential Campus Ministry start as well.

Give to Outreach Kentucky.

Please pray for this mission, and if you find that God is moving you to help, please send your contributions to the Indiana District – LCMS and include in the memo line: Outreach Kentucky.

You may mail your donations to:

The Indiana District – LCMS
1145 Barr Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

Thanks in advance for your prayers and your contributions!