Outreach Kentucky video highlights importance of campus ministry

Published on October 27th, 2016

The Indiana District’s Outreach Kentucky project highlights the importance of ministry on college campuses, says Rev. Rev. Marcus T. Zill, director of Campus Ministry & LCMS U for the Office of National Mission.

“There are many reasons to be engaged in campus ministry, including catechizing and caring for our own, reaching out to those who are lost, and engaging a dying culture with Christ. Our nations campuses and college towns are ripe for mission,” said Zill.

“The Richmond, Kentucky community, in particular, is in great need of the Gospel, especially given it’s lack of an LCMS presence, its unique demographics, and the influence of Eastern Kentucky University throughout the region.”

Zill encouraged Lutheran congregations and schools to support Outreach Kentucky.

“Please consider prayerfully helping and supporting the Indiana District of the LCMS in its efforts to stand in this gap for the sake of the Gospel and the furtherance of Christ’s kingdom,” Zill said.