Outreach Kentucky is “a ripe harvest field in our own backyard”

Published on October 19th, 2016

“The Indiana District’s ‘Outreach Kentucky‘ is finding a ripe harvest field in our own backyard,” said Rev. Peter Cage, senior pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“It is hard to believe that such a populous region, almost devoid of any familiarity with the proclamation of ‘Christ for us,’ could be located in our own patch of ‘religious’ middle-America. But, of course, this isn’t the 1950s anymore and the arena of mission is no longer someplace else, but right here close,” Cage said.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is one of several congregations across the Indiana District to step forward financially to support Outreach Kentucky.

“As our congregation watched the recent ‘Outreach Kentucky’ video, we were struck by loss of the privileged place that the Church once had among us as we heard the sad voices of those living in the mess of our own American spiritual confusion. They are crying out. They need the clear Word of God’s love in Jesus and the support of all our congregations,” Cage said.

To learn more about how your church or school could be involved with Outreach Kentucky, contact Rev. Geoff Robinson at the Indiana District office. Online gifts are being accepted, and an updated brochure is available for download.