Our Redeemer Lutheran in Lexington Acts as a Beacon of Light

When Rev. Michael Huebner brought his family to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lexington under seven years ago, he never anticipated how much the congregation was going to impact his entire family.
“It’s a tremendous place to be,” he said. “There’s a cohesion among the people that’s unique in my experience. They wanted someone to teach the Bible and that’s always been my top priority too.”
It’s not just the programs that make an impact at Our Redeemer, but the life-changing power of the Gospel.
“The Word takes root in the people and they go out in their everyday lives and do things,” Rev. Huebner added. “Our church is a family atmosphere. A lot of people hear the word, and go out, and help their neighbors.”
Little did he realize that his own family would be the recipient of this help when his son Andrew experienced a debilitating and sudden health condition. When the Huebners took Andrew to the hospital to figure out what was wrong with him, the church stepped in to take care of their other children and keep the church running.
“A retired pastor who had started attending our church told us, ‘Put your family first. You don’t think about it until your son is walking again.’ We didn’t cook for months. They took care of everything. I’ve never experienced anything like the love they showed for my family during that time,” he added.
Andrew was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. He’s doing well now, but the experience left a remarkable impression on the family. It was a testimony to the way that Our Redeemer acts as a beacon of light to the community.
“For them, it’s about the Word,” Rev. Huebner said. “I love it here and I love these people. I came into a good place.”