Opportunity Knocks – COVID-19 – Let’s Make a Difference   

Published on March 13th, 2020

Written by Brenda Jank

An unprecedented opportunity is knocking on our door.

As believers in Christ, instead of looking in and allowing fear to reign and rule as COVID-19 spreads, how can we look up, look out, and ask the Lord how we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in real, tangible ways?

  1. – Shopping for food/necessities for an older adult
  2. – Offering child care for parents whose kids are now NOT in school, but they still have to work.
  3. – Listening, supporting, and praying for people who are fighting fear.

Who can you call today?

Really! Pick up the phone right now.

Reach out to people around you or in your neighborhood who don’t know Jesus.

Seize the day – !

AND – then ask 5 other believers to DO the same thing.

  • – Reach out to a neighbor or two
  • – Ask 5 other believers to put love into action
  • – Re-post on social media or email friends and family

Let’s mobilize and multiple the miracle of love in action

Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus – !!

Start TODAY!