Open Enrollement Live for CHP

Published on September 24th, 2016

This note is intended only for employers who offer workers a choice of more than one health plan option.  If you offer only one health plan option, no need to read any further.

The open enrollment widget is now live on, and employees can go online to make their 2017 CHP elections. There is one update to the benefit coverage screen. As you will see when you log on, there is a second set of options for coverage levels listed as:

  • Child(ren) only
  • Spouse Only
  • Spouse & Child(ren)

These options are only for Medicare supplement members whose spouse and/or children still have coverage under an active CHP option.  If someone chooses one of these options, they will get an error message but it will not stop them from choosing one of these benefit coverage options and submitting that change. If a worker inadvertently chooses one of these options and submits those changes, he/she will receive a call from a Customer Care representative explaining what happened and asking him/her to go online and choose the correct option.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you and your workers.

For general questions about the online and open enrollment process, please contact our Customer Care Representatives, toll-free at 888-927-7526.