Not, To, For, With: Which best shapes the Future?

An Article by Dr. Kevin Brockberg published in LEA Connects

It was Christmas, and the U.S. Marines placed Toys for Tots collection boxes in the church narthex. This chapel offering was going to be special. Students at Vineyard Lutheran School were all over this year’s school mission project. Deck the Halls! Toys for Tots! Jesus is the Reason!

This joyful spirit crashed, sadly, as some of the toys went missing during the collection. The ensuing investigation, aided by surveillance footage, snared one of the VLS students, who had taken some of the gifts intended for the waiting tots.

“He’s had more than the three chances; it was clear to us that he really was already on his way out,” the principal concluded. “This is serious. Dismissing him is really the best for all concerned.” 

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