New Stewardship Programs Available for Download

First Fruits Living and Giving

Looking for a free and joyous activity for your church with a whole-life stewardship emphasis?  Two sets of materials are now available for downloading free from the District’s website.

These new three-week programs from Stewardship Advisors are Scripturally-based, grace-centered, copy-ready, and contain everything your LCMS church will need:  Bible studies, bulletin messages, commitment forms, daily devotions, flyers, worship helps, newsletter articles, letters, Powerpoint slides, and more.

Two study sets are available for your fall stewardship focus: “Experiencing the Joy of Generosity” and “Bearing Fruit for Jesus.”

Help your members excel in the grace of giving with these user-friendly kits.

Please note that these programs should only be used by churches in the Indiana District as provided per agreement with Stewardship Advisors.

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