New Leadership

Published on June 20th, 2018

We now know our new leadership team in the Indiana District!  (Although I do not know who they are at this writing.)  What I do know is that everyone who was elected has returned home and are getting back to normal life – save one!   Our new District President is about to enter into a huge life change with new responsibilities and transitioning from congregational life to Ecclesiastical Supervisor.  He will need to close his present ministry, maybe move to Fort Wayne and become acquainted with a whole new way of life!  I remember well!  It took me the month of July to conclude my ministry at St. James and have my farewell on August 3rd.

It is my hope and prayer that our new District President takes a vacation in there somewhere.  In August he will attend his first event – a week-long retreat with the Council of Presidents.  And then Labor Day and then installation (Sept. 9) and orient all newly elected leaders (Sept. 10).  On the 11th he will head to St. Louis for District Presidents orientation and his first Council of Presidents meeting, and then back to Fort Wayne for the Circuit Visitors training meeting followed later that week with his first Board Of Directors meeting.

In the meantime he and I will review a host of matters concerning the Indiana District and I will provide as much or as little help as he desires.  My responsibilities conclude on Sept. 30.  So, you can see why we should encourage him to work in a vacation between now and Sept. 9th.