New Church Worker Grants Awarded in Indiana District

Published on January 24th, 2017

The Lutheran Church has a need for professional church workers to serve in our congregations and schools. Our 10 Concordia universities across the United States share the common goal of developing Christian leaders for the church, community and world. The Indiana District is committed to supporting those who choose to serve as Lutheran pastors, teachers, DCEs and other positions with a new Church Worker Grant.

The new Church Worker Grant is awarded to commissioned and ordained workers during their first three years of service to the church. Note that the grant is not automatic; new workers need to apply for it annually by Dec. 31. To qualify for the grant, applicants need to be a member of an Indiana District congregation for three years prior to starting a course of study at a Concordia university or seminary. Following graduation, applicants must receive and accept a call to serve for an LCMS congregation, school or Recognized Service Organization (RSO).

In 2016, we awarded about $92,000 to 46 applicants; three DCEs, two deaconesses, one director of Parish Music, 17 pastors and 23 teachers. Sixteen of them received the grant for their first year and have two more years of eligibility. The grants are funded annually by the Indiana District Board of Directors, which determines district resources available for this purpose. It’s important to note that the church worker grant program is dependent on the continued support we receive from our congregations and members.

If you know college students who are intending to become full-time church workers, please let us know. We would love to remind them to apply for the grant once they are placed into church work. Please visit the Indiana District website at for more information and to download the application form. You can also find it by searching the website for “New Church Worker Grants”. Thank you!

Written by Amy Mewes
First published in the January edition of the Lutheran Witness