More CPS Resources for 2019 Open Enrollment

Published on October 24th, 2018

2019 is different in many ways from past open enrollments. Workers will go online on the member portal to make elections (they will need to set up their own account and register) and they can elect financial options as well as health care. From our Concordia Plan Services representative, Maureen Schneider, here are some things of which you should be aware.

Open enrollment began 10/15/18 and ends 11/1/18.

All elections are effective 1/1/2019. It applies to those eligible for health care as well as those individuals who work >20 hours per week and are only eligible for Retirement, Disability-Survivor and Retirement Savings, 403 (b).

Workers set up their personalized member portal account by choosing their own email address and password – no special password is required, no more 11-digit number

What is new this year for workers? 

  • Retirement Savings Plan, CRSP, 403(b) – Workers can enroll/increase CRSP deferrals on pre-tax or post-tax basis online.
  • Supplemental life insurance – One-time offering to enroll/increase up to specified limits without proof of good health; reduced rates based on tobacco use.
  • Worker can enroll/change Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage (AD&D, formerly known as AIP). Premiums to be deducted from paycheck on a post-tax basis.
  • Workers will be able to see and update eligible family members and beneficiary designations for CDSP (disability/survivor, basic life insurance). Note: workers will need to go to the Fidelity website to view/change beneficiaries for the CRSP, 403(b).
  • Workers will see plans they have elected in addition to those paid in full by their employer. The purpose of this is to give them an overview of the comprehensive package offered to them and gain a better appreciation of how their employer values their services.

A change is that beginning 1/1/2019, supplemental life insurance premiums will be payroll deducted on a post-tax basis.

Please encourage your workers to go online and participate in the annual open enrollment process. As it relates to verification of dependents and beneficiary designations, remind workers that this is for their protection and could prevent potential problems in the future in the event a claim has to be filed.

What is different for employers?

As an employer, you will have access to information about your workers on the Employer Portal, we call this the Benefit Administration System (BAS). You will be responsible for:

  • Running reports from the portal to verify which workers have completed open enrollment, worker elections, changes, etc.
  • Setting up payroll deductions based on worker elections. As of 1/1/2019, this will include supplemental life insurance on a post-tax basis.

To access and run reports on the new Employer Portal, see the attached pdf with directions on how to run reports on the Benefits Admin System, specifically questions #3 – #6.

This document along with other employer support materials are located on the Concordia Plans Services Website. You can also directly visit Employer Portal Help here for more information.

Questions? For portal assistance and questions and worker/member questions, contact the CPS Customer Care Representatives toll-free at 888-927-7526.