Memorial Day

Published on May 30th, 2018

Memorial Day meant the Indy 500 on radio when I was a kid.  However prior to the race we always visited the cemetery in Mishawaka!  It was a big deal for my Dad because he was an orphan.  So, we would visit the graves of grandparents we did not know and plant our geraniums. We were honoring the memory of my grandparents and thanking God for the lives they lived.

As a nation, we honor those memories with a special focus on those who gave their lives to defend our country and our American way of life.  I have been informed that many years ago Memorial Day was referred to as “Decoration Day”.  The graves were all decorated with flowers and for veterans with American Flags.  That’s still true in some communities and a parade is often a part of the festivities of the day.

While Memorial Day is not a part of our ecclesial calendar, it is a good time to remember those who have gone before us!  We of course remember the Apostle and Prophets, but we can also think about those family members and friends who are now with the Lord!  We all have acquaintances who are now in the Lords arms.  They need nothing from us and our honoring of them does not benefit them.  It benefits us as we respectfully think about and honor the faith of our fore fathers!  God bless you on this Memorial Day!