Maundy Thursday – New law from an ancient promise!

Published on April 12th, 2017

This has been a very busy week for most of us!  As we commemorate Maundy Thursday and then tomorrow we also have our minds set on Good Friday the next Day and then Holy Saturday and of course Easter the next day!  Church worerks – pastors, teachers and music directors always are thinking ahead as this week unfolds.  Jesus was doing the same thing!

He knew exactly how the week was going to play out.  He was following the plan of the Father for the salvation of all people.  The disciples on the other hand were bumbling, fumbling along day by day.  Sometimes they were sleepy, sometimes argumentative and often distracted from the drama unfolding.

We always wish people were more in tune with the Holy Week drama!  How can they miss the significance of the first celebration of Holy Communion?  How can they not sense what Jesus is really offering and giving in this sacrament?  How can they under value so precious a gift?  This is Pro Nobis (for you)!

And yet we minister to our flock as faithfully and carefully as we can.  We strive to make sure we highlight the foot washing and Holy Communion!  There was a day when these services were packed with people!  My first Communion was on Maundy Thursday after confirmation on Palm Sunday.

While that is not the practice in many congregations these days, it is my hope that gravity and joy of this Day is not lost and that we do not lose heart if everyone we hoped would be present is present.  Good Friday will still come and Holy Saturday will be this Saturday and the joy of Easter is coming no matter what!