Martini Lutheran, New Haven hosted Rev. Steve Schulz & Mission Rally

On Wednesday, May 8th, Martini Lutheran Church in New Haven hosted Rev. Steve Schulz from Mission Central in Mapleton, Iowa as their guest speaker for a mission event.  Mission Central is an integral part of LCMS Mission Advancement and plays a vital role in raising mission awareness and support for our 100-plus missionaries around the world.
Pastor Schulz presented stories and pictures highlighting the work of our LCMS missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Latvia, Germany, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Taiwan.  Indiana District President, Richard Stuckwisch, was also present to share personal experiences that he has had with our missionaries, along with opportunities that he has been afforded to serve as teacher and lecturer in various regions around the globe.
Thousands of people have visited Mission Central since its beginning in 1994.  Dozens of our Synod’s missionaries stop by every year to give an update of their work so that visitors can rejoice in the exciting things that our Lord Jesus is doing in His mission fields. Visitors also enjoy tours of the facilities, which include the Creation Theater that tells the story of how God created the world and all that is in it. The Barn Museum is stocked from floor to ceiling with unique mission artifacts from all over the world – such as carved idols from Africa and “items burned for the dead” as part of ancestor worship in Southeast Asia.
Mission Central seeks to educate visitors on why sending missionaries to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so important and to encourage each individual to tell others the Good News about Jesus. To learn more about Mission Central, our missionaries, and how you can get personally involved, please logon to their website at