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Published on February 23rd, 2012

To donate to the organization of your choice: please send a check, payable to Indiana District LCMS and indicate in the memo line or in a note the organization(s) you wish to support.

Celebrate God’s love and 50 years (1963-2013) of His grace by supporting the “Indiana District New Church Worker Grant Fund”. Your financial support will help eliminate debt incurred by newly placed church workers.

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African Immigrant Outreach

St. Augustine Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne is an LCMS African Immigrant congregation composed of members from fifteen different nations from the continent of Africa.  Your support will enable the Indiana District to continue reaching African Immigrants also in cities such as South Bend, Indiana; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Louisville, Kentucky.

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Asian Outreach

Asian people are coming to the Indiana District in great numbers. There are many opportunities to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have never heard of Jesus the Savior. Areas such as Fort Wayne, Louisville, Evansville, West Lafayette and Indianapolis are ripe for the harvest of souls for Christ.


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Campus Ministry

Secular college campuses are vibrant mission fields ready to be harvested.  There are many students both national and international who don’t know Jesus as the Savior of the World.  Your support will help the Indiana District provide for the Gospel message of Christ to be shared with these students.  Your support will ensure that quality campus ministry will continue.

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  Deaf Ministry

Peace Deaf Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, Indiana is a full-time deaf ministry.  Bible study and preaching stations are ongoing throughout the district as the deaf ministry worker drives extensively throughout the district to serve the needs of deaf people and let them experience the care and guidance of a caring deaf ministry pastor.

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Hispanic Outreach

The Indiana District supports three Hispanic pastors who share the message of forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ to Hispanic people in Valparaiso, Ligonier, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Columbus and Seymour.  Your support for this effort will help ensure that this important and vital ministry continues.

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Ministerial Excellence Fund (MEF)

The Ministerial Excellence Fund aims to make Indiana District congregations more effective by addressing the financial problems that could undermine pastors in serving their ministries. Congregations are encouraged to raise matching funds to continue this program so that future pastors can be assisted.

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Midwest Chinese Ministries (MCM)

These funds provide for outreach amongst Chinese people who are attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Your support will ensure that Chinese speaking students will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ proclaimed and taught to them.

New Mission Starts

The Indiana District supports the work of starting new congregations.  Your donation to new mission starts will enable people who have not gone to church in recent years or who have never gone to church to have the opportunity to hear God’s love for them.

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Indiana District Revitalization gives instruction and guidance from the Word of God to help both pastors and their congregants work together in reaching out to those in their community who don’t know Christ Jesus as their Savior.

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