Lutheran Federal Credit Union Ready to Serve

Published on July 8th, 2016

This week, we received the following leadership letter from our friends at the Lutheran Federal Credit Union. They are ready to serve your family, church, and business.

Open and Ready to Serve all Levels of LCMS


After a soft opening in 2015, Lutheran Federal Credit Union opened to all eligible members in first quarter 2016.  With a robust product set now available, solutions are available for all types of entities, church members, school families and volunteers that are part of our community.


We are reaching out to you today to share information that may be of value to your churches, schools and community of families and to notify you that we will be sharing information with all churches throughout your district in July.


From the beginning, Lutheran FCU accounts have been designed to remove hassles and fees. In addition to an easy online member application and remote signature processes for signers, there are no monthly minimums or fees on many of the checking, plus we have highly attractive loan rates.  What you end up with is easier banking in a friendly, personalized environment, where financial benefit is put exclusively back into the LCMS.

“The products are designed to make it easier for our churches, entities and individuals to manage daily banking,” said Tom Buuck, President of Lutheran FCU.  “Because we are directly chartered to serve the LCMS community, we are uniquely positioned to know our members and make it easier for them at every level.”

For groups and individuals who may have believed credit unions are too small to handle big business, the landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years.  Lutheran FCU is on a highly scalable technology platform.    From inception, Lutheran Federal Credit Union has been designed to be at the forefront of online banking, mobile banking, online and remote deposit capability and real-time settlement.  Checking and online banking are seamlessly linked to Lutheran FCU loan accounts too, for simple monthly payment.

“There has been a nationwide upward growth trend of credit unions since the banking debacle of 2008,” said Jane Dulle, Chief Operating Officer for Lutheran Federal Credit Union. Total deposits held in credit unions jumped by 49 percent over the past eight years alone, largely fueled by businesses and consumers moving to credit unions for better service and product structures.

Lutheran Federal Credit Union is the only credit union solely dedicated to the LCMS community and has already started joining in outreach programs, such as sponsorship at the LCMS National Youth Gathering and various national and regional events.  In addition, there are special products exclusively for Rostered Church Workers that offer added benefits…(Like free checks for life on your checking account!!).

Districts, churches and schools have an important role in growing the credit union and broadening the ministry through opening personal or business accounts, originating or refinancing personal auto or home loans, including tuition loans, credit cards and other services.

Every new member can make a difference in continuing the credit union theme of “Countless Blessings, Joyful Sharing.”