Lutheran Child and Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky Job Opening

Lutheran Child and Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky, Inc. (LCFS), an LCMS RSO, offers residential care and community-based services to families, children, and youth in conjunction with Community Hospitals of Indianapolis. The Spiritual Life Leader leads spiritual life programs for clients, staff and volunteers and assists the efforts of the Executive Director and Grant Writer of the LCFS Foundation in funding the Spiritual Life programs.  Spiritual life services include leading and/or arranging for chapel services, for services of sending for clients and/or staff who leave, and staff blessing services as requested.  The Spiritual Life Leader also does spiritual assessments for the clients’ clinical data; spiritual counseling of clients, staff and volunteers; Bible studies; devotions emailed to boards, volunteers and staff;  attends administrative, volunteer and clinical meetings as requested;  Orients new employees regarding spiritual care programs;  oversees visits by church groups, pastors, and volunteers for special activities; provides information in regard to spiritual life to churches and to the larger community; and hosts seminars, and meetings of community church groups. The Spiritual Life Director reports to the Executive Director and shares these duties with the LCFS Chaplain, who is an LCMS pastor. For more information please contact:

John Kolb, Chaplain

317-359-5467 ex. 300

1525 N. Rittner

Indianapolis, IN 46219