Love – God is LOVE

Published on December 13th, 2017

God loves us because God IS love!  I Corinthians presents the triad of “FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE” reminding us that love is the greatest of these three.  Faith and hope are for this life, but love is forever.  During Advent we celebrate God’s love in the promised Savior and that love is permanent – that love is God – that love is the only saving love!

This greatest of all gifts is unmatched by anything else!  During this Advent season take time to rejoice in it in your family and around your kitchen table.  As you come in worship and see the baptismal font you know this gift touched your life personally and each time we come to the communion table God puts into our hearts and mouths what only He could and would give!

The promises of the Old Testament are loving promises God has made to you and me.  The promises of the Messiah are all about His grace and forgiveness and our salvation.   The promise is completed with the sacrifice on the cross as our Savior uttered, “It is finished.”  This is God’s love for you – indeed God is love!