Life Sunday is January 21, 2018 — We Love to Tell the Story

Published on January 17th, 2018

by Rev. Daniel May

Every Life Sunday is a chance to celebrate the sanctity of human life and affirm our commitments to unborn and newborn babies, their mothers and fathers, and all human beings who bear the image of God. We Lutherans are not merely “pro-birth.” We are truly pro-life, pro-child, pro-parent, and pro-family!

The Indiana District has a long history of supporting young children in need. My own father, Henry May, was orphaned at age 7. After eking out a “boxcar children” existence with three older siblings, my dad found himself in the care of the Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Home — today known as Lutheran Child and Family Services in Indianapolis. There, he was taught, baptized, and confirmed in the faith. Christian faith became the core of his life — a commitment that he passed on to his four children, nine grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren.

In my dad’s case, it was evident that not only was God watching over him, but that the church was watching over him as well. Lutherans’ loving, pro-life commitment has now impacted four generations of my family, and touched thousands of lives. 

This Life Sunday, join me in supporting the ministries of our District that are defending and nurturing human life.

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