LCMS Lutheran School Portal Update

Published on April 11th, 2016

The LCMS School Ministry Office is excited to officially announce a major project currently underway which will benefit all Lutheran schools and their workers!  Over the past years, our office has relied on a tool known as the Lutheran School Portal to deliver news, resources, and other content to member schools and teachers.  This system served our schools well and provided a much-needed support base and an avenue for communication.

However, with the many changes both in the world of technology as well as within the School Ministry Office, the time has come to update this tool to provide an even more amazing resource for all of Lutheran education!  Thus, coming in the summer of 2016, the Portal will have an entirely new look with greatly increased functionality.  Schools will no longer need to subscribe to access the resources and information contained within; everything will be completely free and not require a username or password! The intent is to allow for greater communication, collaboration, and resource-sharing among all workers within the Lutheran education system as a whole.

With this update there are many changes which will affect all current and past users of the existing Portal. To prepare for these coming changes, please be sure to read through all of the information in the following sections as it will detail both the changes and any steps you will need to take in advance of the scheduled transition date.

Learn More About the Upcoming Changes Here