LCEF Scholarship Opportunity

LCEF is sponsoring a Take Heart Scholarship, developed for our Y.I. (Young Investors) Club World Changers who are high school seniors and will soon advance to your next level of higher education. During these times of excitement, anxiousness and uncertainty, “take heart!” As Christians, we cannot anticipate that life will be perfect or familiar, but when we feel that the world has become difficult, take comfort in knowing that our God has overcome it all!

This year’s essay topic:  Reflect on the evolution of your prayer life over the last few years and share moments when you felt God’s presence and guidance through prayer. How has prayer deepened your spiritual journey, and what role does it play in your relationship with God today? How do you plan to continue or create your prayer routine to build on your relationship with Christ in college? 

This scholarship is open to all 16–18-year-old seniors that have a YI account with LCEF.  Essays can be submitted through May 1, 2024.  An email communication will be sent out to those eligible and their custodians as listed on their account.  Further Information is available online at

Have questions about becoming an LCEF Young Investor or any other services that Lutheran Church Extension Fund provides?  Please contact Indiana District LCEF Vice-President T.J. Mattick at or by phone at 812-841-3120.