Lutheran Church Extension Fund

The Lutheran Church Extension fund section loan assistance to congregations and other services to help congregations as they plan new building projects and consider improvements to their existing facilities.  This section also provides information about how members can support the work of LCEF through their invested dollar.

What is LCEF? What makes LCEF unique? Why do we exist? Who do we serve? Find out the answers to these questions and more here. 

Investment Opportunites

PartnerPLUS Term Notes for current investors starting at 2%.

ConnectPLUS Term Notes for new investors starting at 3%.

For more information, visit

What’s New at LCEF


A Special Message about K.I.D.S. Stamps

The Y.I. Stamp Program replaces the LCEF K.I.D.S. Stamp Program. For those who have participated in K.I.D.S., thank you for sharing with young investors the importance of saving with LCEF. The sharing and learning continues with our new Y.I. Stamp Program.

If you’re a coordinator, read our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions about your existing K.I.D.S. stamps and materials. Complete our Stamp Exchange Form if you would like to exchange your existing K.I.D.S. Stamps for Y.I. Stamps.

If your family has participated in K.I.D.S., get the answers to your questions with our FAQ’s for Families in the K.I.D.S. Stamp Program or call us at 800-843-5233 or go to