LCEF: April Resources for your Community

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

LCEF prays that you had a wonderful Easter with your church, family and community. In this season of newness—green grass, growing flowers, warmer temperatures—we see the beauty of God’s creation all around us.

At LCEF, we look forward to this spring season. We continue to work hard to support many ministries. The need is still great—loan demand continues to grow, and investments still must come in to meet the need. We are grateful for the congregations, schools and organizations we get to empower through loans. We encourage you to share our investment resources with members of your community knowing that your investment helps fund loans vital to Kingdom work. One action helps another. In other words, it’s Lutherans helping Lutherans.

This month we are featuring investments ideal for the members of your community. Download and share!

  • Downloads: Browse this month’s library of easy-to-share resources to feature in your next weekly bulletin, newsletter, social media post and more!  View Resources
  • Focus: Term notes are all about your choices. For an account that works for you, start by choosing the duration of your investment. Next, choose from several fixed- or floating-interest rate options. At the end of the term, the funds remain yours to re-invest or redeem. Interest is compounded and paid quarterly. Support LCMS ministries today by investing in a term note! Learn More
  • Ministry: Explore the remarkable journey of Mountainside Lutheran Church and Camp Linn Haven in North Carolina’s breathtaking mountains. Witness the pivotal role of LCEF in overcoming geographical challenges, culminating in the construction of a crucial bridge that not only symbolizes but physically enhances access and connection for both the camp and church. Watch Now
  • Rates: Our goal is to provide consistently competitive interest rates, which are set monthly based on regional and national rates published by the Bank Rate Monitor™. For more information, see the LCEF Offering Circular or request a copy by calling 800-843-5233. View Interest Rates
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God’s blessing to you this Easter season.

TJ Mattick
District Vice President
Indiana District