LAMP Update October 2018

Published on October 5th, 2018

As his fourth LAMP Vacation Bible School season was completed, LAMP’s Pastor-Pilot, Dennis Ouellette of Indiana shared that the Lord has endlessly provided blessings to the northern Indigenous communities through His servants — the volunteer missionary teams and himself.   Relationships with both the teams and the communities has deepened and grown stronger, including a greater level of trust between them and Pastor Dennis.    The more important aspect of ministry is that the relationships continue even when not in the communities.  Social media, email, and phone calls not only keep Pastor Dennis in contact with communities and teams all year, but allow the provision of the spiritual support needed, especially when they face injury, illness, and the death of loved ones.   Read more about ministry in the North in LAMP’s Pastor-Pilot Dennis Ouellette’s blog at or read highlights from LAMP’s summer ministry in our fall newsletter – The LAMPlighter.

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