LAMP Ministry – A Short Story from Rev. Dennis Ouellette

Published on February 1st, 2019

Here is a short story for you regarding LAMP Ministry Inc.’s recent visit to an Indigenous community in northern Manitoba.

Since Pastor/pilot Ouellette’s and the Cross Lake’s team’s first visit in the winter of 2016 during the community’s suicide epidemic, the group feels called upon to return. The winter months with its dark skies and isolation are especially hard emotionally on God’s people living in northern Canada.

From the time the LAMP group arrived in Cross Lake to the time that they departed, they were reconnecting and building relationships in different ways with the children, youth and adults of the community.  The day that part of the team headed to Norway House for a hockey game and others went ice fishing, Pastor Dennis met with the school principal (Connie) who has become like a sister to him. Although they communicate on a regular basis, nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting!

“Our time in Cross Lake goes by so fast.  It was time for us to leave before the start of school, especially since the school was where we stayed.  We said all of our goodbyes. Then they (the team) hit the road for their two-day drive home, and I got a ride to the airport to fly to Winnipeg. Or so I thought.  The plane couldn’t land that morning…”

Go to to read more regarding what transpired and see photos of Pastor Dennis’ and the team’s recent visit to Cross Lake, MB.