Katie Retreat 2018 – Every Path

Published on February 21st, 2018

The Church is the “Bride of Christ” of course, but it was my privilege to spend time with the brides of many our pastors in Greencastle, IN at the Katie Retreat for Pastors wives!  Time was spent in Bible study, worship, fellowship and “crafty” projects!  It was throughly enjoyable and a blessing to so many of the wives as time was spent in considering the first Lutheran parsonage (Martin and Katherine) and life in the parsonage today!  There are of course joys and challenges to being in a parsonage (either church own or self-owned) but the key for the Luthers was their understanding of the partnership they shared in the Gospel!

Katie and Luther were unique people with very specific gifts and talents!  The gifts and talents were critical to the reformation and to life in the Luther family!  It was the faith and love of Christ that held them together! Some people may think that’s the way it always is in the parsonage. Unrealistic and too romanticized you say?  Martin and Katie would agree! People of God living under the same roof – what could be more heavenly? Martin proposed to Katie and they were married the next day. June 13, 1523  Their marriage was one of shared tenderness and joy as well as disappointment and sorrow. Their marriage did not always run smoothly; there were bumps, twists, and turns along the way. But in their nearly 21 years together as husband and wife, the two became one, each loving the other with intention, hospitality, grace, and devotion. As Luther himself once said, “There is no more lovely, charming, and friendly relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.” Martin and Katharina Luther had a good marriage and one that was lived out in the real world as it yours.

It is a blessing to spend time with these woman of faith and to be encouraged by them!  This is a treasure in the Indiana District and I thank the ladies who spend the time and energy planning this retreat – especially my beloved Judy!  Planning is already underway for 2019!