June 2024 LCMS Foundation Newsletter

Most of the congregations that the Apostle Paul planted on his missionary journeys did not last for centuries. It may very well be that ministries in the Lord’s Church are meant to be changing and nimble to reach the world as it changes. Nonetheless, we often become attached to ministries that have played a significant role in our life in the Kingdom of God. Maybe those ministries have been connected with our families for multiple generations. We thank God for the spiritual blessings but can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness as what we knew in the past, passes away in the present. That sense of change in this fast-paced world may make us apprehensive about planning gifts for future ministry. Maybe that apprehension is the Lord’s sign to you to consider making some ministry gifts today, instead of waiting until He calls you home. Yet some of your assets might not be available for a gift until that glorious day. What plan makes sense for you? More importantly, what is the eternal plan for which God has placed His gifts in your life to manage? Talking about these plans and praying about them is the way in which we arrive at confidence about what to do. Your LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor can be your friend to walk with you on this journey. For help, contact Mark Muehl (260-241- 4845, mark.muehl@lfnd.org) to continue your walk of faith.