It’s Still Christmas

Published on December 27th, 2017

It’s still Christmas even though most of the world is cranking up for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. How about you?  Is Christmas kind of over for you?  Have you put most of your Christmas stuff away so that you are ready to “get back to normal” as we begin a new year?

Don’t feel bad if you have taken your tree down and put your gifts away.  After all much of our American traditions are not all that sanctified.  The HOLY gift we have was only wrapped in humble swaddling cloths.  Exactly where Jesus was born (Cave, stall, barn, etc.) is lively debate for some and others love to debate the time of year or even the weather.  As a youngster I used to wonder if the first Christmas was a “white Christmas”.

None of this matters much.  What does matter is the GIFT that was given and the purpose of that gift!  Most of us cannot remember most of the earthly gifts we received last year or the year before.  It can be embarrassing if someone asks – “Do you remember what I gave you last year?”

We are never embarrassed if someone asks, “What did God give you at Christmas?”  We know exactly what God has given and we still tremble as it weighs its mystery and magnitude!  It is the perfect gift  for all times!  It is the GIFT we keep and it is the GIFT that keeps us!

As we too get ready for a new year we continue to “ponder in our hearts” that is our permanent and most precious GIFT!  A Savior has been born for you and that makes every year, every day and every breath happy!  So have a Happy and blessed NEW YEAR!