Investing with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF)

Dear Friend in Christ,
I wanted to touch base and remind you of why you can feel good investing with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF): we share your Lutheran beliefs and your love for the church.

As your LCEF District Vice President, I’ve put together a few resources for your convenience, but let me start out by saying that we have been the financial arm of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) since 1978. And what we do is simple.

We invite LCMS Lutherans—whether church workers or lay members—like you to invest with us. We then use those investments to help support the work of LCMS individuals, schools and organizations through low-cost loans and other strategic ministry resources.

LCEF investments run the gamut from easily accessible accounts for everyday financial needs to long-term accounts like individual retirement accounts and term notes.

This short video explains it perfectly – watch HERE.

Click HERE to view our investment offers & current rates.

No matter which investment you choose, feel assured knowing where and how your money is being used. In a way, an investment with LCEF works twice as hard for you. Not only do you earn interest, but you support the LCMS, her workers and ministries.

You are making precious financial resources available to those who may not have any other options. Our borrowers, especially those in our own district, tell me all the time how grateful they are for LCEF investors like you.

When you are ready to invest, open an account through our online application.

Click HERE to open an account online today!

As always, feel free to reach out to our Customer Relations team at 800-843-5233 or me directly with any questions and know you are welcome to share this information with those in your community.

Take care and God bless,

TJ Mattick
District Vice President
Indiana District