Indiana School Leader Fellowship

Published on March 31st, 2021

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Applications are now being accepted for the 2021/2022 School Year
“We often operate in silos as school
leaders, so the Fellowship was a good
reminder to reach out to get support as well as support one another.”

Where do school leaders go for support?

The Indiana School Leader Fellowship is one place.
Leaders with varying amounts of experience – especially first year principals and school founders – are welcome to join this 9-month virtual journey
toward the alignment of one’s educational
philosophy to a school’s practices and core values. In a space set for collaboration, leaders enjoy time to deeply reflect on the application of principles related to leadership competencies. In dialoguing with peers and guest experts, they gain real-time feedback and diverse perspectives on personal, practical issues.
We invite you to apply to The Indiana School Leader Fellowship.

Benefits to School Leaders

• Expanding Network of Peers
• Small Cohort Problem-Solving Sessions
• Personal Coaching and Accountability
• Practical Tools and Resources
• Ongoing Support Through Alumni Community
• Time to Reflect on Leadership Competencies

Who leads the leaders?

Andrew Hart, CEO, The Oaks Academy, Indianapolis, and Chris Bittinger, Principal, Open Pivot
Consulting, provide the core instruction. They are joined by Katie Taylor, a United States Air Force veteran, for coaching and community building.

School Leader Profile

Our network includes public, private, charter and innovation schools. Our faith-based institutions are rather diverse, including Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Islamic. We have also welcomed a growing number of school founders from Indiana, and several other states, that have found the collective wisdom of the fellowship to be a source of grounding for connecting big ideas to practical possibilities.

Enrollment Details

For ISLF Class V, the class will be limited to 15, with rolling acceptance.
Tuition of $1500 is all inclusive (covers instruction and related materials, assessments, and executive coaching). For qualifying schools, ISLF is eligible for Title 2 funding.

Applications are only accepted online:

Uploading a one-page letter of introduction from a peer is part of the application process and can be addressed to the ISLF Leadership Team.

The ISLF Virtual Learning Model

Different from other professional development
programs, the fellowship journey is as personalized as possible using a multi-tiered approach to
learning. All touchpoints are conducted online.
Large group days to focus on values based
leadership competencies and culture alignment.
Cohort Sessions
Small groups meet to take turns presenting issues, asking questions, and exploring solutions.
Individual Coaching
One on one coaching offers a leader time

In this season of leadership, are you experiencing…
• A desire to expand personal competencies to address a changing landscape?
• A change in a position at your current school or starting over in a new place?
• A call to reimagine a school’s mission in order to better serve its surrounding community?

Inquiries can be directed to Andrew Hart at or by calling 317.931.3043