Indiana District 2018 Teacher of the Year – Tracie Douglas

Published on November 2nd, 2018

Tracie Douglas was named the Teacher of the Year following the Lutheran Worship Service held on October 29 at the INPEC Teachers Conference in Indianapolis.  Tracie is the Prekindergarten teacher & Early Childhood Lead Teacher at Our Shepherd Lutheran School, Avon IN. Tracie is a continual learner.  She proactively seeks out professional development opportunities and encourages her peers to do the same.  Her knowledge of subject matter regarding early childhood education and current educational pedagogy is vast.  She implements best practices based on research that are of the highest benefit to the students.  She easily transitions this academic knowledge into practical application so that her students receive instruction that is current and meaningful.  She is creative but purposeful in her approach and allows her students to do the same through project-based learning directed by student interest.  She brings not only the Word of God into her content and activities, but daily genuinely demonstrates the love of God to her students through words and actions.

Tracie sees her ministry not only as one geared toward children, but also to the family as a whole.  She makes herself available to the parents not only for expected school communications, but also as a sister in Christ.

In the photo are Dr. Kevin Brockberg, newly installed District Executive for Education, Tracie and her husband, Rev. Matthew Douglas, assistant pastor at Our Shepherd, and Dr. Jon Mielke.