Indiana District Gives Thanks Following Convention

The churches of the Indiana District give thanks for a successful District Convention this past week and look forward to the new triennium.  Around 400 people were in attendance at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne for the Indiana District’s 23rd District Convention on June 23-24.  Official minutes and proceedings will be available at a later date, but we are thrilled to share some of the highlights / elections results from the Convention.  Changes stemming from the District Convention will be made to the Indiana District online directory as soon as possible.  Please keep all those serving in leadership positions in your prayers, as well as the District at-large.



Rev. Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch of Emmaus Lutheran Church in South Bend, IN was elected to serve as our District’s next District President.  He currently serves as the District’s 1st Vice-President.  President-elect Stuckwisch will begin his work alongside current District President Daniel J. Brege during this transitional period.  Rev. Stuckwisch, along with newly elected Vice-Presidents and District Secretary, will officially take office in September.  Details for that installation service will be announced once arrangements have been finalized.  We thank God for Rev. Stuckwisch as well as for the work of President Brege, and pray God’s blessings on this time of transition.


District Vice-Presidents:
1st Vice-President:    Rev. Peter Brock (NE Region; St. John-Bingen, Decatur)
2nd Vice-President:   Rev. David Mueller (CE Region; Trinity, Goodland / St. John, Rensselaer)
3rd Vice-President:    Rev. Nathan Rastl (SO Region; St. Peter, Vincennes)
4th Vice-President:    Rev. Erich Fickel (NW Region; St. Paul, Chesterton)

District Secretary:
Rev. Daniel Mackey (Grace, Muncie) – will take office officially in September

District Treasurer:
Beth Maxwell

Board of Directors:
Ken Eichinger (NW – Commissioned)
Darin Koenemann (NE – Commissioned)
Carl Schulenburg (CE – Commissioned)
Larry Tews (SO – Commissioned)
Roger Potratz (NW – Lay)
Michael Hawk (NE – Lay)
David Heinkel (CE – Lay)
James Claybourn (SO – Lay)

Council for Congregational Outreach:
Rev. Delwyn Campbell (NW – Ordained)
Rev. James Voorman (NE – Ordained)
Rev. Thomas Ludwig (CE – Ordained)
Rev. Bradley Akey (SO – Ordained)
Diane Cruz (NW – Commissioned)
open (NE – Commissioned)
open (CE – Commissioned)
open (SO – Commissioned)
open (NW – Lay)
Claire Fickenscher (NE – Lay)
Nathaniel Prather (CE – Lay)
Frank Wolka (SO – Lay)

Council for Congregational Services:
Rev. Brett Satkowiak (NW – Ordained)
Rev. Ralph Schmidt (NE – Ordained)
open (CE – Ordained)
Rev. Andy Currao (SO – Ordained)
open (NW – Commissioned)
open (NE – Commissioned)
Jeff Huntington (CE – Commissioned)
Todd Behmlander (SO – Commissioned)
open (NW – Lay)
open (NE – Lay)
Erica Stephen (CE – Lay)
open (SO – Lay)

Council for Congregational Resources:
open (NW – Ordained)
Rev. Zachary Oedewaldt (NE – Ordained)
Rev. Nathan Janssen (CE – Ordained)
Rev. Eric Edwards (SO – Ordained)
open (NW – Commissioned)
open (NE – Commissioned)
open (CE – Commissioned)
open (SO – Commissioned)
Karen Hott  (NW – Lay)
Mark Oetting  (NE – Lay)
Bob Holcomb  (CE – Lay)
Roger Wischmeier  (SO – Lay)

Committee on Worship and Spiritual Care:
Rev. Michael (Josh) Osbun  (NW – Ordained)
open  (NE – Ordained)
Rev. Timothy Lorenz  (CE – Ordained)
Rev. Jordan McKinley (SO – Ordained)
open (NW – Commissioned)
open (NE – Commissioned)
Paul Johnson  (CE – Commissioned)
Matthew Nieman  (SO – Commissioned)
John Niemann  (NW – Lay)
Michael Hollman  (NE – Lay)
open  (CE – Lay)
Rick Snyder  (SO – Lay)

District Nominating Committee:
Rev. Joel Zipay  (NW – Ordained)
Rev. Timothy Sims  (NE – Ordained)
Rev. John Dreyer  (CE – Ordained)
Rev. Martin Keller  (SO – Ordained)
Diane Cruz  (NW – Commissioned)
Mark Muehl  (NE – Commissioned)
Paul Johnson  (CE – Commissioned)
George Denholm III  (SO – Commissioned)
James Skibbe  (NW – Lay)
David Hawk  (NE – Lay)
open  (CE – Lay)
open  (SO – Lay)

Committee on Constitutional Matters:
Rev. Ronald Brauer (Ordained At-Large)
Rev. Samuel Wirgau  (Ordained At-Large)
open  (Commissioned At-Large)
open  (Commissioned At-Large)
Michael Dobbs  (Lay At-Large)
Mary Hoppe(Lay At-Large)

Synod Nominating Committee:
Mark Franke