Indiana District Early Childhood Conference – More Sessions Added!!

Published on May 17th, 2019

All Preschool-Kindergarten teachers are encouraged to attend to the Early Childhood Conference June 15 at Calvary Lutheran in Indianapolis.  We’ve just added 2 more sessions!

  • The ABC’s of STEM  Children naturally are inclined to STEM activities as they are naturally curious.  As a STEM educator you provide materials, experiences, and opportunities for children to explore, discover and be curious.  In this session teachers will learn STEM games, activities and experiences that will awaken their inner scientist and inventor that use everyday materials.
  • Map to Where?  Is your instructional road map clear?  Are your students travelers headed in the right direction?  Learn about an online tool to help you organize your curriculum, align standards, house instructional plans and upload resources, all to help ensure a pathway of success for your students.

See all the great sessions by clicking here.   Registration deadline is June 1.