Indiana District Curriculum Initiative

Greetings and God’s peace through His Son is yours today.

I am extremely excited and overjoyed to pen this brief note about the Indiana District Curriculum Initiative that will begin in the winter of 2019.  In a joint effort Julie Dietrich, Curriculum Consultant for the Indiana District and Alicia Levitt, Academic Excellence Coordinator for the Lutheran Schools Partnership, have assembled a great team of educators to engage and assist principals and teachers in curriculum that is specific to Lutheran schools.  What a privilege it is for me to list that team:

  • Wendi Lepley – Our Shepherd, Avon
  • Sarah Weber – St. Peter’s, Columbus
  • Taylor Haese – Ascension, Fort Wayne
  • Angie Owen – Concordia Elementary, Fort Wayne
  • Alicia Levitt – The Lutheran Schools Partnershp, Northeast Indiana
  • Julie Dietrich – Indiana District-LCMS

Indiana District Curriculum Initiative Video

As we move forward together in 2019, social studies will be the curricular piece developed and disseminated to all schools by the team.  What an exciting initiative.  What a tremendous team of educators to walk alongside principals and teachers throughout the Indiana District.

Dr. Jon Mielke