Indiana District Scholarships for Commissioned Colloquy Programs

Did you know about the LCMS Colloquy Program for workers who wish to be a commissioned worker? This program is a great way for a teacher, Director of Christian Education (DCE), Director of Family Life Ministry or a Director of Parish Music to receive the theological coursework that a teacher or DCE or Director of Parish Music would receive by enrolling and graduating from one of ten LCMS Concordia universities.

The Teacher Colloquy Scholarship Program began in 2001. At this time, the Indiana District also created a fund to help teachers and other professional church workers, such as Director of Christian Education (DCE), Director of Family Life Ministry (DFLM), and Director of Parish Music (DPM), to take colloquy courses, with the goal for teachers and professional church workers to gain a better understanding of Law and Gospel ministry.

The Teacher Colloquy Program consists of eight three-credit-hour classes in theology. Those eight three-credit classes cost approximately $700 each, plus an additional amount for books and fees. The total cost is in excess of $6,000.00.   The program for other church workers is similar and may have additional requirements that vary according to the program, which can increase the cost.

Financial Support:
The Indiana District awards financial scholarships for those enrolled in a commissioned minister colloquy program.  A person normally receives eight scholarships up to $250, for a maximum of $2000 per person.

For More Information:

Contact to learn more about becoming a commissioned minister through the LCMS Colloquy Program.

Scholarships are available through the Indiana District Office for workers already employed by an Indiana District Church or School who wish to pursue colloquy.   Contact the Indiana District Christian Education office for information on how to apply.