Summer Administrators Conference

Imprint, noun

Something imprinted or printed, such as

  1. A mark or depression made by pressure
  2. An identifying name (as of a publisher) placed conspicuously on a product
  3. An indelible distinguishing effect or influence

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The intent of this years’ Indiana District Administrators Conference corresponds to Webster’s three variants of the definition for “imprint”:

  1. How can this July 13-15 annual (except for last summer) event leave a lasting mark on administrators busily preparing for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year that is approaching all-too-soon?
  2. How will this new design (note that this years’ Conference has designed a logo, too!) for the longstanding tradition at Brown County promote collegial relationships and Christian fellowship in a different setting?
  3. How deeply has COVID-19 left an indelible effect or influence on your school, and equally essential, how deeply have you reflected upon the influence of the pandemic on … you?

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The principals of the Southern Region planned the program and activities under the theme, “Resilience through Christ.”  Acting upon the collective responses gathered after the 2019 Summer Conference, the group selected a new site, placed a premium on fellowship and collegiality, and further attended to the imprint of COVID on all of us as leaders. 

July 13, 2:00-4:30 pm Pre-Conference

The Lutheran SGO will present a special Pre-Conference session with Mr. Jon Dize on new developments with the SGO, School Choice, Marketing, and Fundraising and Mrs. Lynn Stegmann on the Go. SGO database and scholarship management. 

July 14, 10:30am-9:00pm

Following worship with communion, lunch will be served in the Atrium of the Conference Center.  . The afternoon is planned around our previously successful Ed-Camp model of discussion topics, and this year we welcome directors of Lutheran Early Childhood Centers for their very own Ed-Camp tracks for leading education for the young child.  Dinner will be served at the nearby Hoffbrau Haus, and the SGO will provide beverages throughout the evening. Emeriti principals are invited to the entire Conference at no cost.

July 15, 8:00am-3:30pm

Following breakfast and devotions, Rev. Dave Fleming and Dr. Beverly Yahnke of Doxology will lead us through interactive sessions probing deeply into the imprint (THAT word again!) of COVID on our psyche and spirituality.  Lunch is again served in the Atrium, and a special closing worship experience will send us home, into the 2021-22 academic year, and to a world grappling with issues for which Christ is the answer.

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