Holy Week

Published on March 28th, 2018

Palmarum was this past Sunday as we began Holy Week!  Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday and then Good Friday, Holy Sunday and Easter!   You may be checking this out on Easter Monday or maybe you have everything done and written for the next four days!

You are all in my prayers as you lead your people through this holiest of weeks!  In days gone by (like when I was in confirmation class)  Confirmation was on Palm Sunday and first Communion was on Maundy Thursday.  This was a pretty wide practice in the LCMS at that time.  Maundy Thursday was always a packed service and a very important service for the new confirmands.  Many prayers were said as we prepared for our first communion.  We really wanted to be spiritually ready to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in an appropriate manner.  While we were dressed in our white confirmation robes we knew the darkness of our sins and our deep need for forgiveness.

Those thoughts and prayers still are with us every Maundy Thursday.  Time and age do not lessen our desire and need for this Blessed Sacrament!  This gift from God fills us as does no other meal.  May it be that for you and all that you serve at the Lord’s Table tomorrow!  I’ll write again after the Resurrection Celebration.



P.S.  Are you remembering the deadline for nominations for district president?  It is April 13!