Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries

Published on November 17th, 2017

Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries is a Christian mission that was created in response to the great physical, emotional and spiritual losses the Bulgarians experienced as a result of almost fifty years of Communism. Through their work they aim to assist the most vulnerable in Bulgaria by providing compassionate support and resources that address their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  They support an orphanage & help with disabled children along with other help.

They are supported primarily by Lutherans in the Midwest. They are working on becoming a RSO but have only recently obtained IRS-granted 501c3 status and approval in Wisconsin (where it is based) as a non-profit organization. They are in the process of achieving RSO status with the LCMS.   They have asked us to share their site and their missions with Lutheran Schools in Indiana, hoping that these resources can be used in a classroom or chapel setting and gain awareness and perhaps some support for their mission.

They have written a series of children stories to help children in the United States understand what life is like in Bulgaria, and include activities and coloring pages.  Information about this mission and these stories may be found at   Look under the menu/tab for “Children’s Corner”. There will be a drop down with options. There are 3 links for the different age groups.