HELP NEEDED: Convention Time Keepers

Are you interested in helping the District Convention run smoothly? Do you want a great way to serve your church? Consider signing up for a slot as the Time Keeper at this Summer’s District Convention at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, IN on June 23rd – 24th, 2022.

  • You will be given a stopwatch (or you can use your phone) and a set of Green, Yellow and Red Signs to keep time.
  • As soon as a delegate begins speaking start timing and hold up the green sign.
  • At 1 Minute and 50 Seconds hold up the yellow sign
  • At 2 minutes hold up the red sign and signal to the chair that the time has expired.

One other responsibility – Keep track of microphone speaker order. When people line up at the various microphones make a note of which microphone is next. If you are at the convention outside of your timeslot and can see a lot of people wanting to speak please come to the stage and help the timekeeper. (There will be a seat for you)

If you’re willing and interestied, contact Aaron Nielsen at Education @