Has Your Congregation done a Financial Review?

Published on February 5th, 2018

The benefits of regular financial reviews are well documented, however many churches and non-profits fail to take this needed step. The majority of small churches and non-profit organizations do not have the resources to hire an outside accounting firm or have members who are capable and willing to take on the responsibility of performing such a review.

We have learned of a Fort Wayne couple, Chris and Julie Walda, both experienced accountants, who in their service to the Lord and the Church perform affordable financial reviews for churches and non-profits under their business name, Faithful Solutions. Their business focus has been in Northeast Indiana, but they are willing to travel to other areas of the District.

For more information contact:

Chris or Julie Walda
1625 Hawthorne Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Phone 260-249-7268 or 260-416-9248
Email: ChurchAudit@gmail.com

Rev. Paul Shoemaker, Sr. Pastor at Emanuel Lutheran Church, New Haven, IN and member of the Indiana District Council for Congregational Resources expressed interest and his congregation contracted with the Walda’s for their services. Pastor Shoemaker had this to say about the experience.

“The Board of Finance was wrestling with the same problem we have every year. Who can review our books? All the members with these skills already serve on Boards and Committees so there is a conflict of interest. We heard of a possible solution through Ron Bleke at the Indiana District, a married couple that does financial reviews as part of their service to the Lord and His Church. We contacted Chris and Julie Walda of Faithful Solutions and contracted them to do a financial review. What a blessing! For a modest fee they reviewed our books and practices and provided a written report of their findings with suggestions for improvement. We have already scheduled them for next year’s annual review.”