Happy New Year!

Published on January 3rd, 2018

In days gone by most congregations had a worship service on New Year’s Day to remember the Naming of Jesus!  We would sing the Song of Simeon no matter the day of the week for the New Year.  This year New Year’s Eve falls on Sunday!  It is a great opportunity to remember the Circumcision of our Lord as we focus on Luke 2:41ff. (I know – for some reason the three year precipices holds this text until the next Sunday.)  Or you could take the Epistle Lesson – Romans 8:31b-39 (my favorite text) and focus on the powerful message of Jesus the Victor!

However, you do it, I hope you can at some point consider Simeon’s Song!  It is a great way to  end/begin the calendar year!  We always pray that God will be with us in the new year as He always is!  2018 will be filled with challenges and blessings but we pray that God will keep us faithful and bold as we serve Him in His kingdom!  The ball will drop – the bands will be loud and the big games will be played!  Enjoy then even as you recall the wonderful Song of Simeon!  Happy New Year!