God’s Plan – Our Future and Hope

Published on April 18th, 2018

Consider the plans and future God has for you!  It all began at the Baptismal font and it is firmly in place because of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!  God’s plan, future and hope for you is with the Father in heaven.  Between now and then we all are called to serve the Lord with joy and gladness.

It seems like there are an awful lot of articles and advertisements about retirement these days.  Maybe it is just me, but it is also because of the wave of baby boomers who are preparing for retirement.  This is true in the church as we have many church workers (Pastors, Teachers. DCEs and Deaconess) who are preparing for retirement.  Many have called me to tell me they will be retiring from their present work.

The word “RETIREMENT” is not in the Bible and really not a part of my vocabulary.  And yet, it is a part of most people’s language.  As we approach this summer’s convention we are preparing for transitions in the District Office.  As you know, I will not be on the ballot for re-election this year (a very difficult decision for me) and we will be electing a new president for the Indiana District.  Dr. Jon Mielke has announced his retirement at the end of this calendar year; Ron Bleke (our CFO) plans to retire in February;  Steve Strauch has moved to California to head up the west coast office and Pastor Phil Krupski has been promoted to the St. Louis office of The Lutheran Foundation.  We are also aware of a number of Adm. Staff who are mentioning the “R” word in the not too distant future!

We are overjoyed that T.J. Mattick has joined our staff and is doing the LCEF work!  YEA!  A call committee is working diligently on a call list for Jon Mielke’s position and the search is underway for a development executive to replace Pastor Krupski.  By the end of the convention we will have elected a new District President.

Our prayers are with and for all of you and the president- to- be as well as all others who will be elected to a variety of positions for the next triennium.  All who are completing their present tasks (yours truly included) hope and plan to serve the Lord and His church in new ways in the future.

The articles and ads pertaining to “retirement” remind people to be prepared for what is ahead!  (Health, wealth, a place to live and something to do.)  Preparing is important, but the best preparation has already been made by God who has a plan and is our future and our hope!