Bible & Church Resources for Church Workers & Laity

Published on January 4th, 2018

Have you checked out this website lately,

It is a wonderful resource for church workers and laity and author, Rev. Dr. Gene Brunow, recently made some significant changes to it.

View the home page and scroll down on it to find “The Point of this Week’s Readings” This is a brief overview of the four readings for the coming Sunday.  It is meant to be read by people in the pew during the week leading up to that weekend’s worship.

Previously there were notes on the OT and Gospel for the coming week.  NOW, there will be notes on all four readings for the coming week.

Still another change, on the same home page, is a blog about the Gospel of Mark that will appear at various times during the church year.

It still has the resources such as Bible Studies, devotions, topics and more!

Rev. Dr. Gene Brunow is the retired Education Executive for the Indiana District-LCMS and a member of Emmanual Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, where he serves in retirement.