General Information for Church Workers

Published on November 23rd, 2016

The Indiana District keeps a database of both commissioned and lay workers in our district.   Please remember to let our office know when there are changes so we can keep it current.  Changes include things like:

  • Change of name (marriage)
  • Change of position (retiring, resigning your current position or going to a new congregation or school)
  • Change of contact information such as address, email, or phone

Commissioned workers – teachers, DCE, DPM, DFLM, deaconess, etc.  are reminded to keep their CWU,  Church Worker Update, current.  This is a new database Synod released in August 2016 and much of the commissioned worker information is incomplete, most of what was on your LEIF did not transfer.  If you haven’t been in to update your CWU, please do that.  You may find the CWU by going to under CWU/CMIF tab.  The CMIF, Commissioned Minsiter Information Form, is created from your CWU and replaces the LEIF which is no longer used.   The CMIF is what congregations and schools use when searching for workers to call.  Only workers on the roster of Synod will be allowed a CWU/CMIF.

Teachers who are aren’t on the roster of Synod and seeking a new position in the Indiana District or in any district of Synod, may send a resume to  along with your preference for a teaching position.  Schools will start looking for teachers in late winter.

Contact our office if you need help or have questions.