Gearing Up for 2016: Healthcare Tools and Resources

Published on November 3rd, 2015

Concordia Plan Services wants to be a part of your current and future health plans by making available to you tools and resources to help you manage your health care and well-being.

Clear Savings, Online Care, and the Concordia Total Health Team are tools and resources designed to support you in making healthcare decisions and improving your overall well-being by:

  • offering options to traditional doctor visits,
  • providing performance and cost data on medical procedures and the facilities that perform them, and
  • making available a dedicated team of healthcare specialists to help you maintain a healthy status or manage a chronic condition.

Starting in January 2016, you will have access to a new resource that will help you make healthy choices a part of your everyday life. It’s called Vitality*.

Vitality will help you achieve optimal health and then be able to maintain it. It will also help you create a personalized pathway that works specifically for you. To make it easy to integrate Vitality into your lifestyle, you can link your devices to the Vitality site or download the Vitality app.

Be watching for more information about Vitality coming your way this month.

* Not available to Concordia Health Plan members in Medicare supplemental coverage.