Free ID Protection Services for CHP Members

Published on February 26th, 2016

Concordia Health Plan (CHP) members and their covered dependents now have free identity protection services through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSMN) and Experian.

Experian will provide the following identity protection services on behalf of BCBSMN. Upon enrollment, you will be eligible for services that include:

  • Credit monitoring – Monitors activity that may affect credit
  • Fraud detection – Identifies potentially fraudulent use of identity or credit
  • Credit/identity repair – Provides assistance in repairing identity or credit

To enroll, go to and sign in to your My Blue Cross portal, click “View Plan Detail” on your dashboard, and then look for the Protect Your Identity section in the right-hand column.

If you are enrolling yourself or another covered dependent who is an adult, click on “Enroll For Adults.” If you are enrolling covered dependents under 18 years of age, click “Enroll For Children.”

You will need information from your BCBS medical ID card to sign up. You’ll be asked for the prefix, which is the first three to five letters of your identification number. Next, you’ll type in your identification number (consisting of the numbers that follow the prefix) plus your member number. Finally, type in your group number.

If you have questions or want to enroll over the phone, please call 866-926-9803 and reference Engagement Number PC98145 for ProtectMyID for adults or Engagement Number PC98146 for FamilySecure for children under 18 years of age.

Coverage for this service will remain in place as long as you continue to have active Blue Cross coverage. If you terminate your health coverage with Blue Cross, your identity protection coverage remains in effect until the end of that year.

If you already signed up to receive credit protection services as a result of either the Anthem or Premera cyberattacks, that protection covers you for two full years. We want to ensure that anyone who chooses the credit protection services will remain covered as long as they are a Blue Cross eligible member. Signing up for the additional credit protection will ensure there is no interruption in credit protection coverage.