Form 5578 Certificate of Racial Non-Discrimination

Published on October 6th, 2017

Each school is to file an annual form with the IRS called 5578 Certificate of Racial Non-Discrimination.  This is for all schools: early childhood, elementary & high schools.  It is due 5 months and 15 days following the end of your fiscal year.  For schools with a fiscal year end of June 30 this report is due November 15.  A copy of this report may be found at LuthEd under the resources tab (Form 5578).  Because we are all members of the LCMS, we can use LCMS information in Box 2 of this form.  Box 1 is the owner of the school, usually your church.  Box 3 is your school information.

Every school should every year make a public announcement of its non-discrimination policy, if 75% of your student come from your congregation, you may print it in your church’s newsletter.  If you put notice for enrollment in a public newspaper, then include your policy.  Every school must include a statement of its racially nondiscriminatory policy as to students in all its brochures and catalogues dealing with student admissions, programs, and scholarships.

Your non-discrimination policy can be as simple as “The (name) school admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.”